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Acrylux Matte Metallic - New Colors!

Utworzono: 25-09-2023

Observing the increasing interest in metallic surfaces, we decided to introduce new colors to Acylux Mat Metallic offer.

  •  Pearl White 8860
  •  Pearl Gold 8861
  • Pearl Brown 8862
  • Blue Chameleon 8864
  • Metallic Blue 8863
  • Metallic Gray 85841
  • Metallic Black 8865

Thanks to the matte and metallic texture, you can create unique furniture that is easy to keep clean and highly resistant to scratches, chemical damage and UV radiation. All proposed decors have an ideal color depth with a matte, satin finish.

The Acrylux Mat Metallic collection will be a perfect choice for living room, kitchen, bedroom as well as the office. It's an interesting alternative to classic white and gray. However, unique elements with a metalized surface accent can also be used as an addition to more conventional arrangements, giving them elegance and a sublime character.

Niemann Polska's offer currently includes 13 decors in the most fashionable colors that are worth using in interior design!

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