Niemann Poland

Acrylux Matte Metallic

    Acrylux Matte Metallic are acrylic / PET furniture panels covered with ABS/PMMA or PET matte laminate with a thickness of 0,3 - 0,6 mm. Additionally the surface is embedded with delicate metallic particles, which give it the appearance of polished metal. The gloss effect changes depending on the angle to the light source. The board laminate is protected with a protective foil with arrows on it - when ordering and installing the fronts, make sure that the arrows point in the same direction.

    Thanks to the metallic matte surface, you can create unique furniture characterized by:

    • Ease of cleanliness 
    • High resistance to scratching, chemical agents and UV radiation
    • Ideal depth of color
    • Matte, soft-touch finish of the surface
Technical Specyfications
  • Dimensions:
    2800 x 1300 mm/2800 x 1240
  • Thickness:
    18 mm (PP)
  • Base Material:
    MDF, Chipboard by request
  • By Request:
    6 - 48 mm
  • Directional Surface
    Mark on the foil ↑↓