Niemann Poland

SAVIOLA Ecological Panels

    The concept behind manufacturing ecological furniture panels is use post-consumer wood-like materials like old furniture, chairs, and pallets. All with the goal of preventing new trees from being cut down.

    The entire production process is a closed, repeatable cycle. From gathering the waste-wood materials to their transformation into a new, functional product.

    The Saviola group cares for and protects the environment and its resources by giving its clients the opporotunity to select competitive, yet eco-friendly products. 

    • Deep wooden structure
    • Synchronized Decor
    • Offers in stock, available even for individual panel orders
    • Possiblity to order ready-made (cut and edge-banded) formats
    • Expertly matched edge-bands
    • Fulfils the same standards are traditional wooden panels


Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions:
    2800 x 2120 mm, *2800x1860 mm
  • Thickness:
    18 mm
  • Base Material:
  • Edge-bands:
    22/42 mm, 1 mm thickness
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