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Acrylux Basic

    ACRYLUX Basic - Panels laminated with a high gloss ABS/PMMA layer with a thickness of 0,6 mm. Perfectly smooth surface with standard scratch resistance. Backing in white PP laminate.

    High gloss furniture panels have drawn remarkably consistent interest from clients. With elegance as their distinguishing feature, they provide many possibilities when creating a modern interior. The reflective quality optically enlarges the room while bringing out the depth of color in the furniture. The possible applications for Acrylic furniture panels are endless in today's home.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions:
    2800 × 1300 mm
  • Thickness:
    18 mm (PP)
  • Base Material:
  • By Request:
    Thickness 6–48 mm
Acrylux Basic 2800 x 1300 mm

Panels consisting of a perfectly smooth surface with standard scratch resistance and a competitive price.

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