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  • Antybakteryjne płyty meblowe ANTIBAC

    Antibacterial Furniture Panel ANTIBAC

    These are panels with an anti-microbial coating enriched with silver ions, which, as they are slowly released, inhibit and kill bacterial growth ensuring a food-safe surface.

    Antibacterial coatings fulfill their function while being safe for overall human health. The microparticles contained in them have a scientifically proven antiseptic quality that keeps the surfaces in question hygienic.

    This material has been implemented not only at home, but also more and more frequently in the hospitality and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other places of everyday, public use.

    The antimicrobial effectiveness of the mattte and high gloss surfaces has been tested against the ISO 22196 / JIS Z2801 standard and has been verified by an independent, certified testing institute.

    A majority of the colors found in the Niemann Polska furniture panel Acrylux collection (gloss and matte) are now available with AntiBac.

    Available in the product ranges of:

    • Acrylux
    • Acrylux Matte Anti - Fingerprint