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Salone del Mobile Milano 2023. Designers' reports from the Milan fair

Utworzono: 25-05-2023

From 18 to 23 April 2023, the most anticipated design event of the year took place. Salone del Mobile is a source of product knowledge and inspiration for designers, interior designers and designers. We present a fresh report on the most important trends exhibited at this year's Salone del Mobile 2023. Here's what our friendly designers observed in Milan.

Materials at the Salone del Mobile Milano

The most anticipated event in the world of design is also an indicator of upcoming interior design trends. Can we expect innovative materials in interior design in the near future?


The most anticipated event in the world of design is also an indicator of upcoming interior design trends. Can we expect innovative materials in interior design in the near future?

Kinga Lubowicka-Timofiejuk 121 DesignKatarzyna Malesińska-Borysewicz KD Architekci

Materials that mainly featured top brands continue to draw inspiration from nature. However, glass, steel and the possibilities they offer, appearing as a structural and decorative element, made an amazing impression on us. This may be a novelty in current interior design.

Marta Jemioł - Jemioł Concept

The materials were dominated by soft boucle upholstery, fur and even feathers. Here and there, there were thickly woven fabrics and corduroy. More courageous exhibitors decided to use upholstery with longer "teddy bear" pile (e.g. Edra or Innova). In addition, there is one completely new upholstery material, reminiscent of openwork sports knitwear. While it happened to meet it on outdoor furniture, here, only in bright colors, it appeared in interior arrangements. The appearance of glossy wood was unexpected, especially in Hampton or nautical-inspired arrangements.

Karina Wiciak - Wamhouse

The unconventional use of glass and natural stone absolutely enchanted me! I mean furniture from EDRA, made of a material that imitates glass and stone sofas and chairs from CITCO. Such noble materials, which are at the same time economical in form, made the furniture look extremely luxurious.

Shapes at the Milan Design Fair 2023

Shapes are key in the design ecosystem. What forms dominated this year's edition of the fair?

Kinga Lubowicka-Timofiejuk 121 Design, Katarzyna Malesińska-Borysewicz KD Architects

Shapes referring to nature. A huge number of morphic forms, rounded, which could be seen not only in soft furniture but also in built-in furniture. Above all, there was a visible tribute to traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.


Colors Salone Internazionale del Mobile

What about color trends? Did the International Design Fair surprise you with new color combinations?

Kinga Lubowicka-Timofiejuk 121 DesignKatarzyna Malesińska-Borysewicz KD Architekci

There were no drastic twists in color trends. The colors of earth, bricks, clay and calm patterns of stone still prevail.

Marta Jemioł - Jemioł Concept

Trends in leading colors have not changed from previous years. Earth colors are still dominant, complemented by shades of red and powder-pink terracotta. Instead, many elements of bright colors began to appear, juxtaposed with each other, which, in the company of the aforementioned terracotta tiles, bring to mind colorful Mexican interiors. The novelty was the return of delicate pastels, but only in combination with other pastels.

Salone del Mobile 2023 furniture and interior design trends

Salone del Mobile is the largest furniture and interior design fair. What trends were visible at this year's edition?

Marta Jemioł - Jemioł Concept

The Milan fair was dominated by low lounge furniture, with the possibility of modular arrangement, ideal for large leisure spaces. The showroom equipment was complemented by light, also modular shelving systems, referring to the classic String design from the 1960s.

Karina Wiciak - Wamhouse

Specific furniture did not surprise me at this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan. Among furniture, we have long been used to more and more sophisticated forms and shapes. However, I fell in love with sports equipment, namely exclusive glass products from TECKEL and slightly more loft-style stationary bikes from FUORIPISTA.

Lighting this year's edition of Salone del Mobile

This year, the Milan fair also hosted the famous biennale - the Euroluce exhibition, i.e. the International Lighting Exhibition. This is what our designers remembered.

Kinga Lubowicka-Timofiejuk 121 DesignKatarzyna Malesińska-Borysewicz KD Architekci

Modern lighting solutions at this year's fair surprised with their form and functionality! We remember the surprising shapes of the lighting lamps that were presented on the scale of the installation.

Marta Jemioł - Jemioł Concept

Return to the 60s is a slogan that I could use to sign many of the exhibitions, including the lighting ones. In addition to the prevailing linear lamps: glass tubes, busducts, "line" wall lamps, a new trend of ceramic lamps referring to the form of a totem has appeared. Their modular elements allowed for any customization of the perfect lamp. This concerned primarily hanging lamps, but also floor and table lamps.

Karina Wiciak - Wamhouse

The rich lighting definitely caught my attention. The unusual lamp in the shape of a rain cloud by LASVIT and the unusual and charming luminaires by GARCÍA REQUEJO with the changing color of light deserve special mention.

Salone del Mobile design fair - inspirations

What inspirations should both professionals and non-professionals dealing with interior design take from Salone del Mobile?

Kinga Lubowicka-Timofiejuk 121 DesignKatarzyna Malesińska-Borysewicz KD Architekci

Treating the interior as an oasis to relax. The presented interiors were warm, cozy and noble. Every designer or potential client has certainly found his inspiration.

Karina Wiciak - Wamhouse

This year's Milan fair is defined by luxury with a capital "L". VISSIONAIRE and REFLEX, presented exceptionally exclusive furniture and decorations for all kinds of rooms. Also noteworthy are the interiors of car brands, such as the iconic ASTON MARTIN Home Collection, whose prestige speaks for itself, and the no less luxurious and well-known TONINO LAMBORGHINI CASA, which also offers equipment for exclusive interiors.

The FASHON trend in interiors was also visible to me, represented by the well-known ROBERTO CAVALLI clothing brand, presenting interior furnishings, stylistically referring to the clothes of this designer. I was also charmed by the original and brave PHILIPP PLEIN, who designs not only extravagant clothes, but also distinctive furniture and interior accessories.

Marta Jemioł - Jemioł Concept

Exhibitors' exhibitions were a great inspiration. A large number of them were built of modular wooden segments filled with paper or fabric. I will gladly use this theme in future collaborations. I really liked the fact that some exhibitors took care of their spaces holistically, with all the senses in mind. Soft carpet in private areas, smells at garden exhibitions affected not only our eyes. Big plus for Innova for bouncy castle booth! Not only original, but also reusable! During this fair, however, there were no projects clearly focused on recycling or eco-friendly solutions. Ecology is not the strongest point of Italians, so I am waiting for the Copenhagen fair.

Thank you for the conversation!

Marta Jemioł - Jemioł Concept

Kinga Lubowicka-Timofiejuk 121 Design

Katarzyna Malesińska-Borysewicz KD Architekci

Karina Wiciak -

Photo report from the Salone del Milano fair (photos by Niemann Polska)